Effects of a great fashion illustration workshop

How can I be so indecisive…? A few weeks ago I changed my current live project towards a fashion garment instead of a te

Burberry Makers House

  Burberry for the passed 2 years has set up after their cat walk release a 1-week Makers House Exhibtion/Workshops. This

My family archive

This term, I have been working towards a live project brief commissioned by Devon Guild of Craftsmen for an exhibition called

SDC Colour competition

The society of dyers and colourist’s (SDC) hold an international competition every year for undergraduate, textiles and

Whitework embroidery

I am in that really exciting phase at the RSN of learning a completely new  embroidery technique. Having loved blackwork last

Celebrating technology through embroidery!

For the research and Experimentation 2 section of our degree, we have been given the brief of ‘Celebration’ from the Hand

Since our excursion to the House of Dreams, we have been working with Stephen Wright to create our own art work and doll.  St

The House of dreams by Stephen Wright

Two weeks ago, my classmates and I visited the House of Dreams museum by Stephen Wright, in East Dulwich, London. Stephen star

Working at Luxury Made

And here I was, thinking the 2nd year would start off slowly like 1st year did… How wrong was I ! The first week back and I

Busy Busy months, I’m back!

Hi everyone! I owe you all a big apology for being absent on here this past month. I broke my laptop in the busiest first few