Canvas work

Hi guys, I’m so exited that I’ve now finished my first technical embroidery pieces and that I can finally share it with you. This canvas work was the first technical stitch we got taught back in October, of course at that stage I didn’t quite realise how long it would take me to complete it.. but hay, here we are!  

Hand and Lock Project Brief

Hi guys! As I have a lot less free time this term than I did before christmas due to longer projects, I thought I would create a daily blog section right here, where I show you small snapshots of my ongoing work as frequently as I can! After all, that was my original idea behind this blog! This is the perfect timing as I have just recently been given a new project brief! You may be familiar with Hand and Lock, if your a textiles student and your not, now is definitely a good time to look them up! Hand and Lock is an embroidery atelier that first opened in 1767.  Every year, since 2000, Hand and Lock run a prestigious embroidery competition which now offers a price fund of $26000. The competition gives new designers the amazing opportunity to showcase their finest creations and potentially win a life changing prize fund, which has abled past winners to fund their designs and start their own successful businesses. The reason why I mention them, is because my brief this term is the one that Hand and Lock have set for this year’s 2016 competition. The brief is to choose one established modern artist and one archive […]

Up-cycled Tie skirt

My tie skirt Hi there, I’m sorry, havn’t posted in over a week, how terrible of me! I have been swamped with an unbelievable amount of work as I’ve started a very exiting new fashion project last week. But hopefully, the work ahead will pay off! So to re-start a fresh week I thought I would open up with an old project back from my GCSEs. In GCSE’s, as well as your coursework project, you have an exam around February time, which counts for 40% of the overall grade. You’re given a list of briefs to choose from that you can work on for 5 weeks, prior to the exam. During the exam, which is 5 to 10 hour long, you have to create the final piece that you’ve developed in the those last few weeks. The brief that I choose was on a  I decided to add the theme of recycling into the project as it would give me more developing options and therefore more points. So, as you can see from the following photos, I set myself to make a skirt out of my dad’s old Ties, I wanted the skirt to be based around a business environment […]

Liberty in Fashion Exhibition

This Saturday, I went to visit the “Liberty In Fashion” exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum  in London. Being a big fan of vintage and antique products, it was great to see some of their oldest pieces from the 1950’s. I saw how detailed and beautiful the embroidery on the dresses were and simply fell in love with the craft work put into it.  Arthur Lazenby Liberty, the founder of Liberties was greatly influenced by the Aesthetic movement,  a movement that ran between the 1860’s and the 1880’s. This movement grew during the Industrialisation era and highly promoted craftsmanship and quality, exactly what I believe in. Many turned their attention towards the decorative arts, they looked back at Classical Greece and current Japanese art. My new project this term is to create quality embroidery samples for fashion, Interior and Art Textiles whiles studying one specific artist and an archive piece of work. This visit turned out to be exactly what I needed to get some inspiration and motivation.                                                      Turns out I arrive half […]

A Tudor Costume – AS project

One of the careers I have considered going into is costume making. One way this came about was during my AS project where I absolutely loved the costume project I’d set myself.  In the first few months of that year, I was so upset with my work and my textiles teacher that I was sure I’d drop the subject at the end of the year. Thankfully my teacher changed after Christmas and I started working a lot more and feeling more confident in what I was making. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge history fan, so I decided to go with a theme where I could learn something new as well as designing and making a great final piece. When choosing a theme, something always nerve-racking for GCSE and Alevel art students I think, you really have to make sure it is something you can constantly develop, and that you will enjoy working on for the rest of the year. There is nothing worse than working on a subject that doesn’t inspire you and that can’t progress anywhere. Usually, I would come up with my theme from something I have always wanted to make, here for example, I’d […]

Fabric Of India exhibition at the V&A

Last October, I went to visit the newly opened, Fabric of India exhibition at the V&A in London. The exhibition, curated by  Rosemary Crill and Divia Patel, was originally set up to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Nehru gallery, a permanent exhibition of Asiatic art at the V&A. The exhibition explores the dynamic world of handmade textiles from India, with pieces dating from the 3rd century up to today. It showcases over 200 objects, from natural traditional cloths to luxurious royal costumes and textiles wall art. Through out the visit we are taken through 6 different rooms, each dedicated to a specific area of Indian Textiles’s industry. To start with, the first room is based on traditional Indian culture and making processes, such as indigo dye, print making and silk making, alongside wonderfully ornamented clothing. We then move on to look at the sacred textiles pieces owned by royalty. The next two rooms show us the effect that global trade and industrialisation had on the fabric industry. Finally it ends on modern day fashion; there you see how designers, such as Manish Arora, are using and adapting traditional making techniques to create exiting new fashion. I found the exhibition fascinating […]

My Top 10 Art Destinations!

It’s the New Year !! One of my new resolutions this year, is to visit more museums and art events. I’ve been so eager to travel the world lately, to broaden my art culture as well as finding new inspiration; that I have been all over the internet researching and finding some amazing monuments. Of course, being at university, and on a student budget, I can’t simply get up and leave; but I thought I would share with you where I would love to travel to when I have the chance… !