Floral motifs with surface decoration designs

My fashion project is nearly over! I am currently making my final sample pieces. I decided to make a bunch of floral motifs with abstract surface decoration that I experimented with a few weeks ago. So far they are just painted, but the next step is to decorate them with fabric and gold embroidery. I am then going to appliqué them, hopefully 3 dimensionally, onto a vintage garment or a skirt panel.  

Floral drawings

I’ve decided to go towards floral motifs instead of sea shells today as I’ve realised they will create a nicer flowing design on the garment. These are quick ink drawings that I did with a wooden stick ( I found I preferred drawing these with a stick instead of a paintbrush or a pencil as I worried less about the lines and drew instead very quick and stylised flowers) from a bouquet of flowers. My next step is to turn these into clear patterns and carry on with what I previously was doing with the shells but with these new shapes instead.     

Sea shells with surface decoration

I decided to look at sea shells as I really liked the stylised shapes and thought they suited the surface decoration well. My idea is to have these shells sewn onto a lightweight maxi skirt. Instead of having the tradition shell colours and the inside lines however, I’m going to fill them with the surface decoration that I have been working on.

Mixed media surface decoration

What really struck me with Chihuly’s work is his surface decorations and paintings. So at the end of last week, I concentrated on painting my own designs inspired by his. I then went on to develop the idea by creating the same effect the paint has but with fabric. I decided in the end to mix both medias together. Here’s a few of my surface decorations.    

Louise Gardiner

A few weeks ago, I came across British artist Louise Gardiner, a designer that creates one off pieces of embroidery on commission.Inspired by nature, music and emotion, she creates amazing large canvases of embroidery.  Her work really grabbed my intention with the variety of flamboyant colours and materials they all have. Each one of her work is unique and extremely labor-intensive. She works a lot with free machine embroidery and a lot of her work is very figurative, which she creates with detailed free machine embroidery, drawing, hand stitches, inks, appliqué and paints. She recently exhibited at the Saatchi gallery in London. It’s a shame I didn’t know of her sooner, I would of loved to have gone and seen her work. She’s also exhibited her work in the Liberty windows on Regents street.   Louise studied an art foundation at Manchester Metropolitan University, then went on to do a Textiles BA (Hon’s) at Goldsmith’s university college. Later in 2001 she returned to Manchester and achieved an MA in Illustration. In 2005 she was awarded the scholarship by the London Embroiderers’ Guild for her embroidery and she has since then been exhibiting internationally. When you visit her webpage, you first get to see this little video. It […]