Black Work

Finally, here is my finished Blackwork frame!

Blackwork is a technique that dates back in English history to the Tudor times. It was used in England on clothing as a very decorative stitch around cuffs and hems; and it also served a purpose of reinforcing the shape. It has a delicate lace look which is why  it was often used as an alternate option to expensive lace. Like canvas work, Black work is a counted technique and is traditionally worked with black silk onto white linen. Modern designs however now incorporate coloured threads and fabrics which can change its effect quite dramatically.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


This technique is possibly one of my favourites, I love the detailed and delicate look it has to it. It also for me looks more aesthetically pleasing than the other techniques I have been doing. I also enjoyed sewing it the most, but then again, that could have been from the cheerful christmas spirit I was surrounded by at the time. My shoe design on the right hand side is based on my alter ego shoe project I did last term. I wanted it to be more of a decorative design instead of an exact representation of a shoe. With this design I found it hard to find stitches to fit each part that I actually liked. I think I unpicked it about 4-5 times before deciding to just get on with it! On the other hand, I worked on the samples rather quickly, I particularly like the ones that are more open, like lace or where the embroidery is quite heavy. I definitely want to expand on this technique later on, try out different threads, materials or maybe even designing some designs of my own.



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