10 days until the deadline!

18th of April 2016 Today I’ve been working on both my Textiles art and my Textiles for interiors projects. With a week and a half to go until my hand in date, I am now just trying to power through those late nights to finish off all my outstanding embroidery. These are my final 3 designs for my textiles art and the start of the embroidery pieces.               I’ve also got quite a bit to go in terms of my interiors work, I have been doing these small french knots for weeks now, which is slowly driving me insane as I can’t sew the next bit until those are done! The plan, however, is to do the outline of the leafs in gold stem work.

Textiles Art short project

11-17th of April 2016 This week I finally started my textiles Art project. After a day looking through both of my family’s history, I decided to work on my grandmother’s book of poems. My grandmother wrote hundreds of poems during her life and in 2014, my brother illustrated a few of them and put together a book. The book is now sold to friends and family to raise money for Alzheimer research, a charity close to my grandmother’s heart. I choose her poems as a theme for my art project as It is very personal, especially after her recent passing last summer. The project is also out of my comfort zone as I usually work on more abstract pieces instead of illustrative. But, I realised that now is the best time to try something new without risking too much! Ideally, we were asked to stick with the same archive and artist that we choose at the beginning of this brief back in January. However I personally can’t stay inspired by one thing for very long, so I am deviating away from my original research on Chihuly. On the bright side, my grandmother’s fascination with trees and gardens, as you can read […]

Silk Shading Embroidery

Silk shading, also known as “Needle Painting”; consists of long and short stitches done with stranded cotton or silk thread. By using a number of colours, you can shade and blend the stitches together to create a smooth natural finish. This  is a technique usually used for flowers, plants or animals as the artist can choose the colour and placement of every small stitch, such as in a painting. This is a very time-consuming technique that requires a lot of concentration, but the final outcome is  usually always worth it! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to finish the rest of the flower before handing it in today. However, I am hoping to finish it at a later date.On the right-hand side are a series of experimental stitches, following the long and short rule. I sampled on both patterned and textured fabric as well as with different threads, beads or sequins.      

Gold Work Embroidery

Gold work, also known as metal work embroidery, is a fabric decoration embroidery that has always been a symbol of wealth and status. Today it is often seen on military, royal outfits or haute couture fashion. Gold work is worked with metal threads, imitation of gold, silver and copper which are wounded around silk threads. Other metal threads of a variety of colour and sizes can also be found, opening gold work up to a more modern approach. The earliest examples of Gold work did use pure gold and silver metals however these were not only very expensive but also very brittle.   Gold work takes years of practice, but one must start somewhere! I have only been learning it for a few months and I am already stitching things I used to admire. My personal passion for textiles is always very decorative and luxurious, which is why gold work is a skill I want to improve on so much. I have always admired it on haute couture designs so finally learning it myself and hopefully be able to use it on my own product one day is incredible.   Admittedly, it is a very tiring technique to do, especially […]