Gold Work Embroidery

Gold work, also known as metal work embroidery, is a fabric decoration embroidery that has always been a symbol of wealth and status. Today it is often seen on military, royal outfits or haute couture fashion. Gold work is worked with metal threads, imitation of gold, silver and copper which are wounded around silk threads. Other metal threads of a variety of colour and sizes can also be found, opening gold work up to a more modern approach. The earliest examples of Gold work did use pure gold and silver metals however these were not only very expensive but also very brittle.



Gold work takes years of practice, but one must start somewhere! I have only been learning it for a few months and I am already stitching things I used to admire. My personal passion for textiles is always very decorative and luxurious, which is why gold work is a skill I want to improve on so much. I have always admired it on haute couture designs so finally learning it myself and hopefully be able to use it on my own product one day is incredible.



Admittedly, it is a very tiring technique to do, especially when it doesn’t go your way, in other terms when you have only just started learning it and you’re not exactly very skillful…but looking past the dents and imperfections which sometimes paused my work motivation, I am overall really happy with it. I particularly loved doing my initial designs, especially after returning home with so many great new colored and shaped metal threads to experiment with.




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