Textiles Art short project

11-17th of April 2016

This week I finally started my textiles Art project. After a day looking through both of my family’s history, I decided to work on my grandmother’s book of poems. My grandmother wrote hundreds of poems during her life and in 2014, my brother illustrated a few of them and put together a book. The book is now sold to friends and family to raise money for Alzheimer research, a charity close to my grandmother’s heart.

I choose her poems as a theme for my art project as It is very personal, especially after her recent passing last summer. The project is also out of my comfort zone as I usually work on more abstract pieces instead of illustrative. But, I realised that now is the best time to try something new without risking too much!

Ideally, we were asked to stick with the same archive and artist that we choose at the beginning of this brief back in January. However I personally can’t stay inspired by one thing for very long, so I am deviating away from my original research on Chihuly. On the bright side, my grandmother’s fascination with trees and gardens, as you can read from her poems, fits in perfectly with my original archive of botanical drawings. On top of that, she was buried in a woodland burial, infant of a tree that our family was able to choose. Basing my designs on trees is, therefore, a very symbolic thing for me.

As always, I started Monday with a very fixed idea which then changed completely by the time today came. I was originally going to work on the patterns within the tree trunks, however after a few drawings and designs, I realised that the meanings of the poems were getting lost in the process. So my next black and white designs of tree trunks led me on to more illustrative designs. I’m now stitching 3 different illustrations, each specific to a poem.


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