10 Embroidery Instagram feeds to follow



1 ) Sarahkbenning





Sarah is a contemporary embroiderer who’s designs fit perfectly in today’s trends of rugs, plants, and vintage furniture. Her frames are always full of colour and have so much going on!





2) Teeteeheehee




I absolutely love Teresa’s embroidery. her illustrations are beautiful and her stitches spotless. I like how she uses empty space as part of her design concept. Her feed is always really colourful and inspirational.





3) Memorialstitches




This is the feed of artist Carrie Violet. Her designs are all quite emotional and ghostly which I love! Plus, her cat that makes the occasional appearance is simply adorable.





4) Lizlpayne





Liz Payne is one of the first textiles artists I found on Instagram and contrary to previous artists, her work is completely abstract. Her use of colour and texture really makes her work stand out.





5) Rehabbedhandmade




US-based artist, Rebecca does plant based embroideries, with cactuses being more or less the center of attention throughout her hoops. Being a fashion fanatic myself, I also like her occasional #ootd posts.






6) Eradura





Erika makes hand-embroidered patches that are to die for. My personal favourite at the moment is her rabbit and moth. Definitely, one of my top feeds to check up on.





7) Cinder and Honey





This feed is full of floral embroideries that will make you eager for a hot summer day. I also love how she captures inspirational landscapes through an empty hoop.





8) S.Lapre





Stephanie is a fiber artist where her embroideries are almost always based on mountains and geometric forms. I love her minimalistic black on white graphic designs.





9) Coral and Tusk




Stephanie, owner, and designer of C&T creates embroideres fabric for Interiors. I particularly like her embroidered animals and insects. I like how her feed shows us the commercial aspect of embroidery through her accessories for Home interior decor.





10) Adipocere


Josh Melbourne is an Australian hand embroiderer who works on linen and skin. His dark illustrative designs are extremely precise and are worked beautifully through stitch aswell as in his tattoo parlour. The more impressive part, however, is when he stitches these designs onto the skin.


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