All good plans go stray

Yes yes, I have been away for a while…

After spending weeks planning my summer so well, packing in all sorts of adventures and experiences to do and share with you all, it was just my luck that a week before my first summer holiday my knee dislocated during one of my kickboxing classes …  So, unfortunately, I have spent these last few weeks sitting and distracting myself with tv shows… However I have just started physio and my knee is slowly working again, so hopefully I should be back on track for my trip to Asia in 3 weeks time. Which I am looking extremely forward to sharing with you all!

Although my injury has put a downer on these last few weeks and led me to procrastinate in terms of textiles work I have done some drawings. A new style that I’ve recently started and which I will hopefully develop as I think they will work really well as embroidered illustrations. I’ve already started embroidering some of them as presents, so once they have been given away, I will show you what it is I’ve managed to create!






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