Impressions of Vietnam

While we drive for hours, the window view paints a scene of colours and shapes. Around us, a hundred shades of green, and from mustard yellow, sky blue to green, coloured houses sit like flowers in a field. The price of the land is too high, so narrow houses grow tall, and three meters wide plots try to stretch towards the sky. But a layer of dirt and poverty spreads through the horizon, shading the colours grey and leaving houses unfinished. Sometimes, large palaces, wide balconies, and ornate walls stand out of the faded streets… Two days ago, the first typhoon of the year arrives: trees, electric cables and banners fell to the ground. The fields are flooded, the streets are wet. Everywhere, people in anoraks are tidying up the damage.  The sight is simultaneously beautiful and tearful, but we drive by, following the rhythm of the loud hooting streets   Ninh Binh Village        

Miyako Island, Japan

  Hi everyone! I’m in OKINAWA! I have been so busy lately, taking in all this exciting culture and walking through the lively streets of the market. But as promised, I’ve saved some time to share it all with you. Our original decision behind our trip to Asia was to practice Karate and train with our masters in Okinawa. So my evenings have mostly been composed of hard work and sweat, topped off of course, with lovely Japanese dinners. Half way through our week however, our masters invited us on an amazing two-day boat trip to Miyako Island. We were welcomed into a traditional ryokan home, left to fish with local fisherman and best of all, scuba dive in the amazing wonderland called the sea.   My talent doesn’t lie in film editing, but the experience was so inspirational in terms of colours and patterns I had to share it with you. So here it goes…  

Paul Klee exhibition

Today, after a Physio lesson for my almost recovered knee, I headed off to the Centre Pompidou in Paris to visit the Paul Klee exhibition that opened back in April. I was very impressed by his work and by how much there was to see. To summarise the artist in question, Paul Klee is a Swiss/German painter from the early 20th century.(1879 -1940) He is largely associated with the Expressionist movement but was ceaselessly reinventing himself, shifting from abstract to figurative works making him a multifaceted artist. He is also widely known for his colour theories, an interest of his that started after a trip to Tunisia  He once said: “ Colour and I are one. I am a painter”. ( April 1914)  Colour had a big role in a lot of his work, transforming simplistic lines into very illustrative pieces. It is definitely worth a visit if you are around Paris this summer. The exhibition ends on August the 1st and you can find more information on . I’ll stop babling on, here are a few photos of the exhibition. There is also a very cool rooftop restaurant at the top of the building with an amazing view onto Paris!