Interning at bespoke shirt maker Emma Willis

Remember how I broke my knee a few months ago and I had to cancel most of my summer plans? Well one of those very well planned events was an internship in Gloucestershire with a great Tailor called Emma Willis. To my luck however, I was able to reschedule it and this is where I have been for the last 2 weeks! Emma Willis is a tailor that specialises in mens shirts. She has a shop on the famous Saville road in London. Her studio however, is right here in Gloucestershire, on the docks, in a beautiful 18th century town house. I started the week embroidering some monograms for them, putting to use my lovely new skills I’ve acquired from university. I then had the chance to move around the house and experience all the different necessary jobs that are involved in the success of Emma Willis. I spent a good amount of time in the packing room, where they are in charge of quality control for the garments, the additional finishes (such as buttons) and of course the packing and shipping. This room was a really nice experience for me as it made me realise the difference between street and high end fashion; how removing every small out of place thread and knot is vital to the quality and attention to detail the customers expect. I then went onto work in the cutting room and the sewing rooms.





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What was great to see was how every task was divided, all organised to fall on time from one job to another. This made me realise that in any high quality product, every step and every job involved in it’s production is a vital importance for the success of the final outcome.



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