Working at Luxury Made

And here I was, thinking the 2nd year would start off slowly like 1st year did… How wrong was I ! The first week back and I am off to work, first stop Kensington Olympia. We took part in the launch of a new contemporary interior’s show called Luxury Made. It was incredibly successful and it has now established itself as a key event in London Design week. The event was open for four days and showcased interiors designers. It was lovely to see how textile is used in interior designs in so many diverse ways. As part of the RSN embroidery team our aim was to show the visitors the art of embroidery and how it can be used in interiors. To do so we worked on some improvised embroidery inspired from the decorative ceiling of the room. You can check out the event and see the exhibitors that were there at 

Busy Busy months, I’m back!

Hi everyone! I owe you all a big apology for being absent on here this past month. I broke my laptop in the busiest first few weeks of uni and it took about 2 weeks to get it fixed up and working again. Nevertheless, I have a lot to share with you all, so I will get back to work! As you may have guessed, I am now back and well into the first few months of my 2nd year at university. It’s frightening how quickly time has gone, I am already back in Paris for my study week break! I am currently working on a celebration project which is linked to the Hand and Lock 2017 competition brief. I’ve orientated my work towards technology whiles using unconventional materials. I will write a separate article on my current work, so more on it soonOn the side, I also worked for both Max Creative and Burberry, as part of the RSN team. I will also write a piece about these two amazing events and share it with you. Hopefully, this will make up for my short absence.  To end this apologetic post on a high, here are some of my embroideries from […]