Celebrating technology through embroidery!

For the research and Experimentation 2 section of our degree, we have been given the brief of ‘Celebration’ from the Hand and Lock competition. I decided to look into ‘Technology’ , celebrating it’s incredibly fast growth over the last decade. I have chosen to base my designs on circuit boards taking inspiration from the intricate lines and circles they have. With circuit boards as my design theme, I have decided to look elsewhere for my materials and colours. From the start,I knew I wanted to work with bright and cheerful colours and experiment with unconventional materials. I found that the 2015 Trend Union, ‘Labor of love’ colour research of the Household Ingredients was perfect for what I had in mind. Here Lidewij Edelkoort talk’s about how humble activities, such as household chores are resurfacing and becoming part of a bigger cultural picture. Bringing along with it a new wave of designs and art of household products such as bottles, gloves, and sponges. This has made me question our expectation that high end goods can only be made from luxurious and expensive materials; and that mundane cheaper materials can only ever be considered for the low end market. In a world where pollution is growing every day, I think it is important for designers to find new sustainable means of creating their designs. Therefore, my aim was not to recycle but instead to re-design materials that we associate with cheap mass production and to use them in handcrafted bespoke luxury items. I collected a range of materials such as cleaning gloves, pipe cleaners, plastic bags, PVC etc. By using gold work embroidery, a known luxury technique often used in high-end products, I was aiming to create a contrast that hopefully changes the appeal of these cheaper materials. I started my first sample on a luxurious velvet, with mostly gold work materials. On the silk sample, again a luxurious fabric, I started to incorporate unconventional materials as embellishments such as foam, Angelina fibers, and recycled threads. I then used the foam as the base for my 3rd sample. I have now got to do one more sample, and I am planning on pushing myself a little further and using materials that are a little bit more risky such as PVC and scoubidou’s which are inspired by the rubber gloves.



Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This was my desk at my summative hand in 2 weeks ago!

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