Effects of a great fashion illustration workshop

How can I be so indecisive…? A few weeks ago I changed my current live project towards a fashion garment instead of a textiles art installation…I tend to change my mind about my projects a lot, but I definitely cannot be changing everything so late into a project next year! My theme changed after we had a guess tutor coming in to teach us fashion illustrations for 2 days. As I was still intrigued by fashion I decided to join the rest of my class in the workshop to see if it could help in the future. Passionate about both drawing and fashion I got myself stuck into it and ended up creating a range of fashion illustrations using my current designs and family portraits. Turns out, I absolutely loved it and I ended up sketching up lots of ideas of how my current project could fit into fashion! I panicked a little at the increasing thought of changing my whole context but decided that if I want to experiment, now is the time to do it! It’s 2 weeks down the line now and I realize it was a bit of a sporadic and impulsive decision but I’ve managed to […]

Burberry Makers House

  Burberry for the passed 2 years has set up after their cat walk release a 1-week Makers House Exhibtion/Workshops. This gives people a chance to go and see their latest runway collection and demonstrations from various makers who’s skill and practice they have taken inspiration from. Last season I had the chance to work there as part of the RSN stand, demonstreating Hand embroidery. In the last week of february just gone, I went to visit their latest Makers House exhibion which was absolutely stunning. The white on white, lace and cords are extremely popular at the moment and Burberry has exelled in every catergory. My current project I am working on is based on heirlooms and lace, so this was really a huge inspiration for me. Incase you wern’t able to attend it, here are some photos.                                                                      

My family archive

This term, I have been working towards a live project brief commissioned by Devon Guild of Craftsmen for an exhibition called ‘Off the Surface’. Inspired by the RSN’s collection of embroideries, purses, and lace,  I started to look at my own ancestry in order to build a personal archive of photographs and heirlooms. Combining my drawings from the RSN archive and drawings from my family photographs, I have created abstract portraits to represent my family tree all the way up to my great great grandmother. For a while, this project was heading towards a textiles art context, where I would install a compilation of stitched portraits that would be placed and stitched onto heirlooms. However, after a very successful 2-day workshop on fashion illustration, I have decided to push myself and create a garment for high-end women fashion. I am adapting my portraits and lace designs and using unconventional materials to push the boundaries of hand embroidery. Here are the beginning stages of my project, before I had decided to go into fashion.