My family archive

This term, I have been working towards a live project brief commissioned by Devon Guild of Craftsmen for an exhibition called ‘Off the Surface’. Inspired by the RSN’s collection of embroideries, purses, and lace,  I started to look at my own ancestry in order to build a personal archive of photographs and heirlooms. Combining my drawings from the RSN archive and drawings from my family photographs, I have created abstract portraits to represent my family tree all the way up to my great great grandmother. For a while, this project was heading towards a textiles art context, where I would install a compilation of stitched portraits that would be placed and stitched onto heirlooms. However, after a very successful 2-day workshop on fashion illustration, I have decided to push myself and create a garment for high-end women fashion. I am adapting my portraits and lace designs and using unconventional materials to push the boundaries of hand embroidery.

Here are the beginning stages of my project, before I had decided to go into fashion.


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