The House of dreams by Stephen Wright

Two weeks ago, my classmates and I visited the House of Dreams museum by Stephen Wright, in East Dulwich, London. Stephen started his career as a successful textiles print designer but changed his orientation towards outsider art later on. The House of dreams is a museum within Stephen’s own home, which he started with his partner in 1998. He worked on the house for 9 years privately before opening it up to the public. Now, the house has been bequeathed to the National Trust. The house contains some parts of Stephen’s diary, where he expresses the loss of his partner and parents. It is extremely moving to see someone so open with his emotions.    Every surface of the house inside and out is covered with found objects, plastic bottles, broken dolls, wigs etc.   I found the house of dreams incredibly inspirational. It seemed like a fairy tale house to me. The colours, patterns, and sculptures around the room created a real mystical atmosphere. Although everything is second hand and found, he has managed to create something precious once it is all assembled together. It has made me a lot more open about what type of materials and objects […]

Paul Klee exhibition

Today, after a Physio lesson for my almost recovered knee, I headed off to the Centre Pompidou in Paris to visit the Paul Klee exhibition that opened back in April. I was very impressed by his work and by how much there was to see. To summarise the artist in question, Paul Klee is a Swiss/German painter from the early 20th century.(1879 -1940) He is largely associated with the Expressionist movement but was ceaselessly reinventing himself, shifting from abstract to figurative works making him a multifaceted artist. He is also widely known for his colour theories, an interest of his that started after a trip to Tunisia  He once said: “ Colour and I are one. I am a painter”. ( April 1914)  Colour had a big role in a lot of his work, transforming simplistic lines into very illustrative pieces. It is definitely worth a visit if you are around Paris this summer. The exhibition ends on August the 1st and you can find more information on . I’ll stop babling on, here are a few photos of the exhibition. There is also a very cool rooftop restaurant at the top of the building with an amazing view onto Paris!

Louise Gardiner

A few weeks ago, I came across British artist Louise Gardiner, a designer that creates one off pieces of embroidery on commission.Inspired by nature, music and emotion, she creates amazing large canvases of embroidery.  Her work really grabbed my intention with the variety of flamboyant colours and materials they all have. Each one of her work is unique and extremely labor-intensive. She works a lot with free machine embroidery and a lot of her work is very figurative, which she creates with detailed free machine embroidery, drawing, hand stitches, inks, appliqué and paints. She recently exhibited at the Saatchi gallery in London. It’s a shame I didn’t know of her sooner, I would of loved to have gone and seen her work. She’s also exhibited her work in the Liberty windows on Regents street.   Louise studied an art foundation at Manchester Metropolitan University, then went on to do a Textiles BA (Hon’s) at Goldsmith’s university college. Later in 2001 she returned to Manchester and achieved an MA in Illustration. In 2005 she was awarded the scholarship by the London Embroiderers’ Guild for her embroidery and she has since then been exhibiting internationally. When you visit her webpage, you first get to see this little video. It […]

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat is an artist from the 1980′s that I have recently familiarised myself with. I love his work and have taken a lot of inspiration from it for my own textiles art. I really recommend this documentary, It was recommended to me by my brother and I found it extremely insightful and interesting. I know the 1 hour and a half documentary can seem daunting, but it really is worth the watch, one evening instead of your typical TV reality show for example! Quick summary – Jean Michel Basquiat is an american painter born in Brooklyn in 1960. He started as a Graffiti artist in the emerging ‘Punk’ era of NY. However he rose very quickly from a downtown artist to an internationally celebrated artist within two years after his work was featured in a group show. His rise coincided with an emerging art movement, the Neo-Expressionism, a wave of new young, experimental artists. Sadly Jean Michel had a growing drug addiction through out the 80′s and he died of a drug overdose on August 12th 1988 at only 27. Although his art career was brief, Jean-Michel Basquiat is now regarded as an International artist, credited with bringing the […]