Effects of a great fashion illustration workshop

How can I be so indecisive…? A few weeks ago I changed my current live project towards a fashion garment instead of a textiles art installation…I tend to change my mind about my projects a lot, but I definitely cannot be changing everything so late into a project next year! My theme changed after we had a guess tutor coming in to teach us fashion illustrations for 2 days. As I was still intrigued by fashion I decided to join the rest of my class in the workshop to see if it could help in the future. Passionate about both drawing and fashion I got myself stuck into it and ended up creating a range of fashion illustrations using my current designs and family portraits. Turns out, I absolutely loved it and I ended up sketching up lots of ideas of how my current project could fit into fashion! I panicked a little at the increasing thought of changing my whole context but decided that if I want to experiment, now is the time to do it! It’s 2 weeks down the line now and I realize it was a bit of a sporadic and impulsive decision but I’ve managed to […]

Burberry Makers House

  Burberry for the passed 2 years has set up after their cat walk release a 1-week Makers House Exhibtion/Workshops. This gives people a chance to go and see their latest runway collection and demonstrations from various makers who’s skill and practice they have taken inspiration from. Last season I had the chance to work there as part of the RSN stand, demonstreating Hand embroidery. In the last week of february just gone, I went to visit their latest Makers House exhibion which was absolutely stunning. The white on white, lace and cords are extremely popular at the moment and Burberry has exelled in every catergory. My current project I am working on is based on heirlooms and lace, so this was really a huge inspiration for me. Incase you wern’t able to attend it, here are some photos.                                                                      

My family archive

This term, I have been working towards a live project brief commissioned by Devon Guild of Craftsmen for an exhibition called ‘Off the Surface’. Inspired by the RSN’s collection of embroideries, purses, and lace,  I started to look at my own ancestry in order to build a personal archive of photographs and heirlooms. Combining my drawings from the RSN archive and drawings from my family photographs, I have created abstract portraits to represent my family tree all the way up to my great great grandmother. For a while, this project was heading towards a textiles art context, where I would install a compilation of stitched portraits that would be placed and stitched onto heirlooms. However, after a very successful 2-day workshop on fashion illustration, I have decided to push myself and create a garment for high-end women fashion. I am adapting my portraits and lace designs and using unconventional materials to push the boundaries of hand embroidery. Here are the beginning stages of my project, before I had decided to go into fashion.  

SDC Colour competition

The society of dyers and colourist’s (SDC) hold an international competition every year for undergraduate, textiles and fashion students. This is the first time I have heard of this competition, and I am very excited about entering. I must say I had never considered entering competitions, and if it hadn’t been for my tutor, I doubt I would have entered this one.  But I’m glad she has, as I am starting to realize now, how important it is to start putting my work out there, whether I think it will win a competition or not. So my new resolution for this coming year ( A months too soon), is to grab any opportunities that come my way, which could one day reward me! The 2017 brief is: Explore and demonstrate the creative, imaginative, technical and original use of This year’s brief is: Explore and demonstrate the creative, imaginative, technical and original use of colour in either fashion or textiles suitable for a circular economy. I have chosen to explore household colours and materials, using cheap mundane products over expensive raw materials. My aim is to work with these affordable materials and textures to create a fashion accessory that is still luxurious, long lasting and timeless. […]

Whitework embroidery

I am in that really exciting phase at the RSN of learning a completely new  embroidery technique. Having loved blackwork last year, I’d imagined whitework being just my cup of tea, and I was right. There are a lot of different technique within whitework, so far I have been taught  Pulled work, Drawn work, Broderie Anglaise, Richelieu, and Shadow work.  I decided to follow a subject matter for this technique, specifically for when it comes to creating my own final piece. I started looking at patterns from my travels this summer, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and Barcelona. In the end, I’ve decided to focus on Japanese designs, their floral patterns as well as their ‘lady’ paintings (Not sure how these are called but I will put a photo at the bottom). If you visit my post on Blackwork from last year, you will see that my design there was based onJapaneseese design. I really love those designs in general, which is why I have decided to revisit them with whitework. A technique which in a lot of aspects is similar to blackwork, so I think it will lend itself well to these designs.    Pulled Work Drawn Work This is an […]

Celebrating technology through embroidery!

For the research and Experimentation 2 section of our degree, we have been given the brief of ‘Celebration’ from the Hand and Lock competition. I decided to look into ‘Technology’ , celebrating it’s incredibly fast growth over the last decade. I have chosen to base my designs on circuit boards taking inspiration from the intricate lines and circles they have. With circuit boards as my design theme, I have decided to look elsewhere for my materials and colours. From the start,I knew I wanted to work with bright and cheerful colours and experiment with unconventional materials. I found that the 2015 Trend Union, ‘Labor of love’ colour research of the Household Ingredients was perfect for what I had in mind. Here Lidewij Edelkoort talk’s about how humble activities, such as household chores are resurfacing and becoming part of a bigger cultural picture. Bringing along with it a new wave of designs and art of household products such as bottles, gloves, and sponges. This has made me question our expectation that high end goods can only be made from luxurious and expensive materials; and that mundane cheaper materials can only ever be considered for the low end market. In a world […]

Since our excursion to the House of Dreams, we have been working with Stephen Wright to create our own art work and doll.  Stephen was our visiting tutor through out this whole project and I really enjoyed his work process and guidance. I hugely appreciated the time that he managed to give to us, and he taught me some valuable lessons in finding out about myself through my work.           The doll  we had to produce with Stephen could be of any size, but had to be inspired from 20 personal or found objects. I decided to choose nostalgic pieces from my childhood, an old doll, a barbie, some figurines, soft toys and badges. I spent  a week drawing from these, creating some large scale oil pastel drawings which could influence my doll. In the end, I gravitated towards my doll and my animal figurines the most so decided to mix the two together. This painting is what I based my first doll on. I wanted the body to be three dimensional, with ‘barbie’ like arms and legs. I used a thick calico to create the doll, which I re-worked and dirtied with oil pastels. The […]

The House of dreams by Stephen Wright

Two weeks ago, my classmates and I visited the House of Dreams museum by Stephen Wright, in East Dulwich, London. Stephen started his career as a successful textiles print designer but changed his orientation towards outsider art later on. The House of dreams is a museum within Stephen’s own home, which he started with his partner in 1998. He worked on the house for 9 years privately before opening it up to the public. Now, the house has been bequeathed to the National Trust. The house contains some parts of Stephen’s diary, where he expresses the loss of his partner and parents. It is extremely moving to see someone so open with his emotions.    Every surface of the house inside and out is covered with found objects, plastic bottles, broken dolls, wigs etc.   I found the house of dreams incredibly inspirational. It seemed like a fairy tale house to me. The colours, patterns, and sculptures around the room created a real mystical atmosphere. Although everything is second hand and found, he has managed to create something precious once it is all assembled together. It has made me a lot more open about what type of materials and objects […]

Working at Luxury Made

And here I was, thinking the 2nd year would start off slowly like 1st year did… How wrong was I ! The first week back and I am off to work, first stop Kensington Olympia. We took part in the launch of a new contemporary interior’s show called Luxury Made. It was incredibly successful and it has now established itself as a key event in London Design week. The event was open for four days and showcased interiors designers. It was lovely to see how textile is used in interior designs in so many diverse ways. As part of the RSN embroidery team our aim was to show the visitors the art of embroidery and how it can be used in interiors. To do so we worked on some improvised embroidery inspired from the decorative ceiling of the room. You can check out the event and see the exhibitors that were there at http://www.luxurymade.co.uk/ 

Busy Busy months, I’m back!

Hi everyone! I owe you all a big apology for being absent on here this past month. I broke my laptop in the busiest first few weeks of uni and it took about 2 weeks to get it fixed up and working again. Nevertheless, I have a lot to share with you all, so I will get back to work! As you may have guessed, I am now back and well into the first few months of my 2nd year at university. It’s frightening how quickly time has gone, I am already back in Paris for my study week break! I am currently working on a celebration project which is linked to the Hand and Lock 2017 competition brief. I’ve orientated my work towards technology whiles using unconventional materials. I will write a separate article on my current work, so more on it soonOn the side, I also worked for both Max Creative and Burberry, as part of the RSN team. I will also write a piece about these two amazing events and share it with you. Hopefully, this will make up for my short absence.  To end this apologetic post on a high, here are some of my embroideries from […]