Up-cycled Tie skirt

My tie skirt Hi there, I’m sorry, havn’t posted in over a week, how terrible of me! I have been swamped with an unbelievable amount of work as I’ve started a very exiting new fashion project last week. But hopefully, the work ahead will pay off! So to re-start a fresh week I thought I would open up with an old project back from my GCSEs. In GCSE’s, as well as your coursework project, you have an exam around February time, which counts for 40% of the overall grade. You’re given a list of briefs to choose from that you can work on for 5 weeks, prior to the exam. During the exam, which is 5 to 10 hour long, you have to create the final piece that you’ve developed in the those last few weeks. The brief that I choose was on a  I decided to add the theme of recycling into the project as it would give me more developing options and therefore more points. So, as you can see from the following photos, I set myself to make a skirt out of my dad’s old Ties, I wanted the skirt to be based around a business environment […]

Bubble Hat – 2012

Back during my GCSE’s, my main courcework was to make a hat for Ascot. I based mine on the idea of bubble barths. I really enjoyed this project as it was the first time I properly worked with felt, it abled me to make colourful, soft and lightweight 3D shapes that I could then tower together. When I moved to the UK in 2010, it was the first time I started taking Art and Textiles subjects at school seriously. By the time I got to year 11, I knew I was passionate about Textiles and that I wanted to direct my higher studies in that area. This GCSE coursework was the first time I learnt to make felt and I loved it. The project brief was to make an outgoing hat for the Ascot horse race. As I’m sure many of you did, as a child I loved playing with bubble bath, I used to make very imaginative looking beards and hats. It’s from here that my idea for an over the top bubble bath hat design came to mind. I wanted the hat to have volume, be lightweight and for it to really look like the bubbles were flying away in the […]