Effects of a great fashion illustration workshop

How can I be so indecisive…? A few weeks ago I changed my current live project towards a fashion garment instead of a te

Whitework embroidery

I am in that really exciting phase at the RSN of learning a completely new  embroidery technique. Having loved blackwork last

Busy Busy months, I’m back!

Hi everyone! I owe you all a big apology for being absent on here this past month. I broke my laptop in the busiest first few

Interning at bespoke shirt maker Emma Willis

Remember how I broke my knee a few months ago and I had to cancel most of my summer plans? Well one of those very well planned

Temples of Cambodia

The last stop of our Asia tour took us to Angkor in Cambodia. The majority of our mornings were spent visiting ancient temples

Embroidery workshop for the handicapped

  On our way to the airport last saturday to leave Vietnam, we stopped by a workplace for handicapped people born from p

Van Phuc – The silk village

Van Phuc, a village not far from Hanoi, has been known for it’s quality silk for over 1200 years.The village’s fie

Impressions of Vietnam

While we drive for hours, the window view paints a scene of colours and shapes. Around us, a hundred shades of green, and from

Paul Klee exhibition

Today, after a Physio lesson for my almost recovered knee, I headed off to the Centre Pompidou in Paris to visit the Paul Kle

10 days until the deadline!

18th of April 2016 Today I’ve been working on both my Textiles art and my Textiles for interiors projects. With a week and a

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